Friends of the Choirs


The Friends of the Choirs have promoted and supported the our family of choirs since 1996.

Have you enjoyed one of our events, and wondered how to get involved — without singing?  The Friends may be the group for you.

We “meet” twice a year — once, in person, in September; and then by mail during February.  The season runs from September to June, and we serve the organization by:

  • Selling concert tickets (day of performance)
  • Distributing programs and seating our audience
  • Assisting with fundraising activities, such as tickets for drawings at concert venues
  • Setting up / cleaning up for any concert “afterglows”
  • Welcoming our audience, and making them feel as comfortable as possible during performances.

Current members of the Friends are former singers, spouses of singers, and fans.  You are welcome to volunteer as often as you are available, and we hope you will remain a Friend for many years.

For information on how to become a Friend of the Choirs, please call Patti Marshall-Doane (810) 227-7733 or Donna Lorenz (810) 229-4252