Member Testimonials

cateI had not sung since high school when I heard the Women’s Chorus at a fundraiser in Brighton. I was immediately enchanted and joined the choir the next term. It’s been lovely. Music and singing harmony do so much for my mental state, posture and breathing. I am so grateful that this resource for adult singing exists here. It has immeasurably enriched my life. If you used to sing, please come visit one of our choirs. Singing can be life long. Don’t let it be over for you. – Cate Doefer

lindaI have been in the Womens Chorus for many years. I found out about it when it was advertised in our local paper. I was new to the area and wanted to continue to sing. I’m so glad that I joined. We have had many opportunities to perform with other groups, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and many others. The music is full of variety which makes it fun to perform. The women in the group are as varied in professions and ages as our songs. They are so much fun to sing with. If you like to sing come and visit our group. We would love to have you join us – Linda Dobis

Livingston County ChoirsWe all need to feel a sense of community and support in our lives. Music brings us to women’s chorus, but community keeps us. WC is the family we get to choose! – Karen Roberts