Excellent music making, sisterhood, and personal fulfillment

This is the first in our series of member features. Over the next year we plan on introducing some of our members so that you have a chance to ‘meet’ people in our community dedicated to song and enjoy their stories…

When I graduated from Michigan State University with my music education degree, I was in search of a quality program to sing in. Spoiled during my undergrad, I was very picky about my choices. Karen Roberts contacted me towards the beginning of the school year with the proposition of joining a women’s choir she conducts. Having known Karen from my years attending Brighton high school as a student in her private voice studio, I could be sure that the Livingston County Women’s Choir was the very thing I was looking for.

Instantly, that very first rehearsal quenched my thirst for excellent music making, sisterhood, and personal fulfillment. There is nothing quite like an all women’s choir, and this one is something special. Together, you form a bond with women who are just as passionate (and sometimes even more so) about singing. You are surrounded by people who care about the same craft as you. What a wonderful way to make new friends and to invite old friends to join – and that’s exactly what I did.

After a semester, my music teacher friends and I had a difficult time making room in our schedules to see each other. Then one of them told me that she missed singing in a choir! I had the perfect solution. We roped in another one of our colleagues, and the three of us joined the choir. This has led to us growing closer than we ever were in our college careers.

So if you are looking to make new friends or to find something to do with your current friends. I highly recommend joining our wonderful choirs. There are so many opportunities for friendships, laughter, and great music.

Vanessa Caswell